I´ve always been fascinated by art and design, I was drawn to photography when I studied art at college.  At 18 I started studying photography at IEFC and shortly afterwards I began working at El Peridodico de Catalunya as a photojournalist and graphic editor.


After some years I felt the necessity to keep on learning in order to improve my skills and I decided to study Graphic Design.


Today, I’m as enthusiastic as ever about my profession and I aspire to continue dedicating myself with the same passion and drive as I have done until this day.



Specialisation in photojournalism

My professional career in photography began in the field of photojournalism working in the written press

Graphic design


Specialisation in printed grahics

My experience in graphic design has led me to specialising in branding and editorial design.

To this day I continue studying and developing my skill set in the field of typography and lettering.